Cleaning and sanitation protocols are an integral part of any quality assurance program. These consecutive and complementary steps help to preserve wine quality by controlling the microbial populations associated with all stages of the winemaking process.

Cleaning (n): the active removal of both inorganic (mineral) and organic substances from wine contact surfaces.

Sanitation (n): reduction of viable population of contaminating cells. This is different from both sterilization and disinfection.  

AiRD cleaning products are a line of biodegradable cleaning products developed specifically for use in the wine, beer and beverage industry. These products help users save time, water, energy, improve safety conditions and lead to less wear and tear on equipment in the production facility. 

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Benefits/Basics of AiRD Products:

  • Specially formulated for the wine industry
  • Cleaners contain chelators and surfactants for more efficient cleaning
  • Cleaners can be used effectively over a wide temperature range
  • Products have low environmental impact, fast biodegradation and recyclable packaging

  For practical tips on cleaning protocols and details on these products, please visit the AiRD Innovations in Chemistry blog


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