Filter Sheets

The Pall Corporation's SeitzSchenk filter sheets represent modern depth filter media based on cellulose. They retain impurities mechanically as well as by adsorptive processes. For most grades specially upgraded cellulose fibers are used with additions of fine grades of diatomaceous earth, perlites and resins.

By nature of their composition and structure Pall SeitzSchenk depth filters are comparable with a labyrinth-type, extremely tight, three-dimensional screen with innumerable branches of fine channels. Typically, the retention of depth filters is predominantly effected in the depth of the matrix rather than the surface area. These filters are classified by nominal porosity ratings.

At Scott Laboratories, we carry Pall SeitzSchenk Depth Filter Sheets ranging in nominal porosity ratings from 0.25 microns to 55 microns. Pads cut to 20x20 cm, 40x40 cm, and 60x60 cm are carried in stock.