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Double encapsulated yeast for secondary fermentation in sparkling wine production

ProElif® is an encapsulated yeast product developed by Proenol for secondary fermentations. The yeast cells are double encapsulated in an alginate bead. The beads can be directly inoculated into the bottle (eliminating the need to prepare a starter culture). This helps ensure control of the number of cells per bottle. Upon fermentation completion, the beads have a greater density than the wine and will quickly drop to the neck of the bottle when inverted. The beads accumulate more tightly than traditional riddling, therefore less wine is lost during disgorging. Traditional freezing and disgorging methods are used to finish the process. The use of ProElif results in a fresh sparkling wine. If greater yeast character is desired, you may make changes to the base wine with this in mind. For example, ProElif has been used with Opti-WHITE treated base wine with good results.



11.5% (v/v)

Free SO2

15 mg/L



Free Assimilable Nitrogen

100 mg/L


80 mg/L

Protein Stability



Tartrate Stability



Fermentation Temperature



The base wine must be stable to avoid agglomeration of the beads which could cause subsequent difficulty during disgorging. All of these parameters act in synergy with one another. It is critical to manage them together. If one parameter is over the limit, try to compensate with the others or ferment at a higher temperature.

To Use:

  • Prepare the base wine according to normal protocols.
  • To reduce the risk of haze formation and microbial contamination it is important that the base wine fall within the previously mentioned parameters.
  • Filter the base wine through a 0.45 micron sterile membrane filter the same day as bottling to avoid contamination during fermentation. Meticulous hygiene is essential!
  • Tirage liqueur must be filtered the same day as bottling. The addition of tannins to give volume or structure must be made before the final filtration. Since there is no riddling, no adjuvants or riddling agents are necessary.
  • Add the beads directly to the empty bottles (adding after filling is acceptable but before filling is often easier). Temperature difference between the base wine and ProElif should not exceed 10°C(18°F).
  • Add the tirage liqueur and cap the bottles.
  • Store the bottles on their sides for maximum contact between the cuvée and the beads.
  • ProElif is temperature sensitive and the fermentation environment should remain above 12°C(54°F).

Storage: Dated expiration. Store at 4°C(40°F). Once opened use immediately.

Recommended Dosage

133-200 g/hL 1.0-1.5g/750 mL bottle

NOTE: 1 g of ProElif beads is equivalent to 4-6 million active cells/mL.

Technical Documents

  • ProElif QA23