#15049 2.5hL (66 gal)


Red, White

O. oeni in tablet form for barrel addition to fresh and fruit driven wines

Malotabs™ are a new easy-to-use form of malolactic bacteria designed by Lallemand for direct addition into barrels. Malotabs™dissolve immediately and ensure dispersion throughout the barrel. They were designed for sequential inoculations to complement fresh and fruit driven red and white wines.

Malotabs™ are produced from a known strain developed for good implantation, moderate to fast kinetics, low VA and diacetyl production. Malotabs™ are effective in wines with pH above 3.2, high alcohol (up to 16% v/v), total SO2 below 60 mg/L, temperature down to 16°C(61°F).

Red and white wines fermented with Malotabs™ show increased fruit, mouthfeel, balance and structure.

Recommended Dosage


Malotabs™ come in packages of 5 tablets per box. Once opened, tablets should be used immediately. Unused tablets may be resealed and stored in their original packaging until ready for use.They should be stored under the same conditions as other Lallemand malolactic cultures.

Technical Documents