43 Restart
#15223 500 g
#15240 10 kg

43 Restart

Restart Stuck Fermentations

S. cerevisiae • bayanus

  • Isolated by Lallemand in collaboration with the research center of Inter Rhône.
  • Notable for its powerful ability to restart stuck or sluggish fermentations due to high alcohol tolerance (18%+ v/v) and low relative nitrogen needs.

43 RESTART is the result of an innovative pre-acclimation process developed by Lallemand and approved by the Inter-Rhone Laboratory using Uvaferm 43. 43 RESTART’s resistance to the stressful conditions of stuck fermentations has been naturally increased. This process includes the addition of micronutrients, sterols andpolyunsaturated fatty acids to strengthen the yeast cell membranes. The yeast cells are more robust, acclimate more quickly and have a lower mortality rate after inoculation. 43 RESTART is sensory neutral and has been known to ferment up to 18% (v/v). It is a low SO2 and H2S producer with relatively low nitrogen demand. 43 RESTART is malolactic bacteria compatible. For best results use the 43 RESTART protocol including Reskue and Fermaid O. Restarts can be done in a few efficient steps.

Please see the link below, or refer to page 32 in our handbook on how to perform a successful restart. 

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