The Mazzei injector pump over device is a simple, highly engineered venturi which can introduce large but controlled amounts of air into an active fermentation.  This infuses the must with oxygen and promotes a healthy yeast population (see link below for more information on this topic). Unlike competing devices, the Mazzei injector can be placed directly on the discharge of the pump and still provide air injection, even against typical tank head pressure.

The Mazzei also makes it easy to do liquid additions to tanks during a recirculation. Connect the Mazzei injector on the discharge of your pump which is set to recirculate a tank.  Drop a short suction hose into the vessel containing your mixed addition (fining agent, carbon, tannin, anything liquid).  When the pump is running the venturi will draw from that vessel at a rate you determine with a throttling valve. No need for a stand-alone dosing machine. No hauling buckets of stuff up to the top of the tank. Additions can be made safely from the cellar floor.

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