#15604 2.5 hL (66 gal) dose
#15605 25 hL (660 gal) dose
#15606 250 hL (6,600 gal) dose


Red, White

O. oeni adapted to high SO₂; positive aroma impact

  • Enoferm BetaTM was isolated in the Abruzzi wine region in Italy.
  • This strain is pH tolerant to 3.2, total SO2 to 60 ppm, temperature to 14ºC(57ºF) and alcohol to 15% (v/v).
  • The name Beta comes from its capacity to increase levels of beta-damascenone and beta-ionone which are compounds that contribute floral notes, particu­larly in Merlot.
  • Benefits from the addition of a malolactic nutrient.

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